BDElite were in need of a stand attraction for BIBA 2018, a two day event in central Manchester.

About BDElite

BDElite has been a trusted supplier to UK insurance brokers for a number of years. Providing innovative services and total claims management, along with essential aftercare support for broker client's following a motor claim. In addition to which, BDElite offers a diverse product range of personal and commercial add-on insurance policies, only available to purchase through insurance brokers.

The brief

The client first made contact with us as they sought something that could make their company stand out at their next event; BIBA 2018. The event was cited as "the most important event in the insurance calendar!"

BDElite had several big names from the industry to compete with in terms of gaining engagement with their exhibition stand. The client wanted to stand out from their peers and make the exhibition memorable for delegates.

The solution

We proposed that BDElite would benefit from using TeeUp (our customisable crazy golf VR experience on HTC Vive) to power up their stand.

The main benefit of using a PowerUp VR solution is the ability to add company branding to the experience. The addition of branding, artwork and colour palettes within the experience allowed the client to further enforce their brand message at the event.

The client opted to go for the 'silver' PowerUp package; this includes the branded VR experience as well as hardware hire. As no technician from our team was required by the client, we provided an in-depth how-to guide on setting up the hardware, assisting the client throughout with email and telephone support.

Data capture

Another aspect of the TeeUp experience is the live leaderboards. Before a delegate takes part in the game, they need to input their details so their score can be positioned on the leaderboard for everyone to see. This grabs the attention of passers by who want to reach the number one spot of the leaderboard.


The BIBA 2018 event in Manchester was a great success for the client. With TeeUp being played over 100 times, the client gained an array of strong business leads to follow up.

The kit was of a very high specification and the PowerUp team were amazing throughout, from the initial hire to any technical help required; as we selected to set up the equipment on-site ourselves.

I was overwhelmed when I placed the VR goggles on my head for the first time. It was different, exciting and very entertaining; a wow moment!

One of the key differentiators for us, was how PowerUp branded the 360 degrees crazy golf world with our brand identity; helping us to further enforce our brand message at the event. The leaderboard element of the game was also a huge success as players were keen to take the number one slot while at the same time this doubled as a lead capture source for us.

If anyone is looking to hire PowerUp’s VR solution for a similar purpose I would highly recommend it. The service provided by PowerUp was fantastic and the overall solution easily delivered on what we required.
— Philip German, Marketing Manager, BDElite