PowerUp have produced a number of virtual reality games and experiences for use on event stands or as exhibition attractions. VR is great for increasing stand engagement, attracting crowds and creating a memorable brand experience.

Customisable and brandable virtual reality

Our off-the-shelf virtual reality products are the perfect event attraction. Brands can hire an experience or game and amaze delegates with interactive and engaging activities. The VR titles are brandable and customisable, helping to increase brand awareness and create a positive impression. The added benefit of our off-the-shelf products is they don’t come with the development costs of bespoke solutions.


TeeUp: crazy golf experience

TeeUp is a customisable crazy golf virtual reality experience for the HTC Vive. It is ideal for increasing stand engagement at events, exhibitions and more. So get your delegates to pull up their argyle socks and don their knickerbocker trousers for a round of VR golf on TeeUp!

Allow delegates to enter into an engaging and interactive golf course. Dodge windmills, weave around corners and putt the ball into the hole with the fewest shots possible.

This game is perfect for engagement with event goers or passers by, competition and leaderboard integration and can even be mixed reality when used with a green screen.

Player capture from the PowerUp Portal.

Capture, track and manage data from the event

TeeUp is a perfect mechanism for increasing event engagement through competitions and prize draws. Decide on the parameters for the competition (for example, complete the course in the quickest time) and track, manage and monitor competition data in the PUP.



We design and build custom virtual reality experiences for event or exhibition attractions, as well as providing off-the-shelf solutions such as TeeUp and BarrelsUp. Our bespoke virtual reality experiences ensure engagement and brand exposure during events. The experiences can also be uploaded to VR stores for extended reach.


Your next attraction

Creating unique and memorable experiences at events will help increase brand advocates for your company. Virtual reality is a perfect way to do this - especially when the game or experience provides something that the user has never seen or done before.

Our process involves helping you decide what your game or experience needs to be, from design and style to functionality. Our in-house team will help scope out, design and build the perfect virtual reality product for your brand. We can create experiences for any headset including Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Google Day Dream.

We are a virtual reality development company

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PowerUp is brought to you by Eden Agency, traditionally a web, app and VR development agency. Eden’s goal with PowerUp is to create a hub for all interactive event technology - including virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, ibeacons and apps.