VR production company specialising in virtual reality for events and attractions

We are a virtual reality production studio that creates VR solutions for exhibition stand attractions. We offer a selection of off-the-shelf virtual reality games and experiences as well as bespoke VR production.


Find out about PowerUp, how it works and what it can do for your business by watching this video...

PowerUp Portal

Event data collection

All of our event experiences have been created to:

  1. Increase excitement & engagement
  2. Offer a memorable brand experience 
  3. Collect data for lead generation

All of our solutions are powered by the PowerUp Portal (PUP). The PUP gives you the tools to customise the branding in the experience, download the data captured during the event, manage competitions and more.

TeeUp screenshot one
TeeUp screenshot two
TeeUp screenshot three

Bespoke and off-the-shelf virtual reality experiences

We take immersive technologies, add creativity and development skills and produce interactive exhibits that tell your brand story. All of our custom turnkey experiences can include your brand, artwork and competition parameters. Or, if you’re looking for something completely unique, we can design and build bespoke virtual reality experiences from scratch.